Welcome to the home of Euro Knightz Motorcycle Club.

The Euro Knightz MC is a group of free spirited men and women who have meshed and grown into a family unit. Each member of the Euro Knightz brings their own style and flavor to the organization. No two people ride alike and no two people bring the same ideas. Our need to support and interact with the community allows us to open the doors to more than just motorcycle riders. Make no mistake, our love for the ride keeps our friendly competitive natures high and petty negativity low. We are a club built on character and human decency. We look each man and woman in the eye to show respect and expect nothing less. The Euro Knightz stand for truth, honor and love for our fellow man.

The Knightz Crest-a coat of arms bringing the Founders riding styles together to form one entity/family. The Swords represent truth and honor which all members must possess. Silver represents the release of ignorance and Gold represents knowledge and understanding. Maroon, our passion for riding and Brown teaches us to be grounded within the organization/community.

The Euro Knightz Motorcycle Club consists of responsible individuals within the Kaiserslautern Military Community that are interested in promoting motorcycle safety while enjoying the company of other responsible riders. In the tradition of motorcycle clubs, the Knightz also have an interest in bridging the gap between motorcyclist and non-motorcyclist within the military/local community.

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